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Sacred Circle Chapbook


$ 300.00
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Signed Limited Edition Lithogragh with Book, Unframed
Book Size: 10 X 10.625 in.
Print Walk Softly, included inside the book: 7.875 X 8.75
Edition Size: No more than 40,192

Opening The Sacred Circle Chapbook is like opening the world of Sacred Circle itself. It is a fascinating story of nature, of Native Americans' belief in sacred circles, and of Bev Doolittle's adventures in exploring and researching the nine individual panels of her painting and print.
"In the Sacred Circle painting," Bev Doolittle explains, "the wolf is the only animal that you do not actually see. In Walk Softly, the wolf returns in spirit to invite us to roam the wilderness without destroying it. Wolf tracks have always been magic to me. My idea is to bring that special feeling to life."--Bev Doolittle
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